Canada Residency By Investment

An immigrant’s dream, Canada is the ultimate destination for my professionals and investors alike. Canada is an immigration powerhouse with about 200,000 new residents every year calling it their home. Termed as the most educated country in the world, Canada offers new residents a host of business and investment opportunities. Free public education, a robust medical system, top rated quality of life, civil liberties, government transparency and economic freedom are among the many reasons that attract high net-worth individuals to Canada.

Canada offers permanent residence to aspiring businessmen and investors, giving them full rights in Canada. Children of successful applicants have the benefit of studying at some of the highest rated universities of the world at highly discounted fees. Investors can choose from multiple routes available for attaining permanent residence in Canada. The residence is issued by the Federal Government through the participation of provinces in Canada. Investors generally have to invest in a new or existing business or make a government guaranteed investment. The popular investment programs include Québec Investors Program, New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program, Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Program and many others. Each program has a different eligibility requirement.

Permanent Residents can acquire citizenship after staying 3 years (out of 5 years) in Canada. The Canadian passport ranks very high and offers its holder visa-free travel to over 163 countries including the US, the countries of the Schengen area, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

Program Highlights

  • Live in a peaceful country with one of the highest standards of living in the world.
  • Have access to one of the world’s best public health care services.
  • Get the right to attend the country’s world-class schools, universities and colleges.
  • Applicants can either invest in their own business or into an existing business or invest with the Government.
  • Investment capital can come from any lawful activity, including business ownership, gifts or inheritance.
  • Applicants must have required funds, be of outstanding character, hold no criminal record and be in excellent health.
  • Applicants can include children up to 21 years of age to their application.