USA Residency By Investment

The world’s leading economy, the sole global superpower, an economic giant, the land of free, United States of America needs no introduction. A popular destination for business immigrants, USA has one of the most multicultural and diverse populations in the world. The US Dollar remains the default global currency and the US passport is one of the most sought after in the world. Thousands of immigrants live their American dream and move to the US for a wealth of opportunities and to one of the highest standards of living in the world.

The Government of the USA introduced the employment-based fifth preference category or EB-5 immigrant visa in 1990 to attract eligible investor immigrants to the US. Successful applicants become green card holders and they and their eligible dependents can live in the USA with full rights. Children can study at any University in the US and pay a lower tuition fee. Move to the US and secure your future and the future of your family!

Green Card holders meeting the eligibility requirements can apply for citizenship after 5 years. The holders of American Passport can travel to more than 164 countries without a visa including the UK, Australia, the countries of the Schengen area, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

Program Highlights

  • Applicants can either invest in the creation of a new US enterprise or invest in one of the regional centers preapproved by Government
  • Become a resident of one of the best countries in the world.
  • No language, education or business experience required.
  • Investment capital can come from any lawful activity, including business ownership, gifts or inheritance.
  • Applicants must have required funds, be of outstanding character, hold no criminal record and be in excellent health.
  • Get the right to live, study and work anywhere in the US.
  • Applicants can include children up to 21 years of age to their application.